Indy’s BLOG – Indy I miss you. 

Indy’s BLOG – Indy I miss you. 

2 Jul 2016 0 By IndyCa

Maybe tomorrow I can pick you up. At 1500 I meet with a guy who rent a place and maybe accept you. I have good photos.

Ten days you stayed in the dog hotel and that’s a very long time we we’re nit together. I thought every day about you and I was happy that you are safe. It was a long trip, but now we are near to settle in Barcelona. More then ten weeks you, me and Victor on the road.

Maybe I can pick you up tomorrow and I promise you that we never need to do that again and we will never be apart again.

Now? We stay in Barcelona. I work as a service technician on the phone and try to make as much money we need to have a good life.

We keep Victor and modify him into VV2 – Victor Version 2.0. Based on our experience we will transform Victor into a really cool party and travel mobile.

We are safe! There’s light at the end of the tunnel. We have a future. It was a high gamble and we might hit the jackpot, but if not today even second place is a winner.

I really hope the place is ok for us and we can be re-united tomorrow evening.

And today  a cafe con leche… plus a brown tequila with orange.  

Indy, Vil and Victor – For Ever!