Indy’s BLOG – Have a legal smoke in Barcelona

Indy’s BLOG – Have a legal smoke in Barcelona

23 Oct 2016 0 By IndyCa

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? The town with the nice Coffee Shops, where you can smell the sweet smoke nearly everywhere, the “Menu” contains sweet weed, quality hash, cookies and much more stuff that can make you fly.

You think Barcelona is maybe the same? Forget it! That’s Amsterdam and Barcelona is totally different.

In Barcelona, you can’t buy weed in a coffee shop like in Amsterdam because cannabis is still highly illegal, but there is one way for the desperate smoker to get high without any complications. You can become a member of a so-called “cannabis club” and enjoy your smoke on their premises, but you can smoke only there and you are NOT allowed to bring your smoke to your hotel or even carry it on the streets with you. Attention, when you get caught, you might have to pay a hefty fine!

Here are a few tips to enjoy a weekend full of smoke and no stress.

  • Never ever buy weed on the streets.
  • Never ever follow a street promoter.
  • Never ever smoke on the street. You might smell marijuana everywhere, but that’s not an invitation to smoke yourself.
  • Inform yourself about the conditions on how to join a club. Normally you need to be 18 or 21+, have a valid ID and an address in Spain, which not be a hostel or hotel or someone who invites you and becomes your sponsor.
  • Read about the club you want to join.


What fine should I expect getting caught with weed in my pocket? Well, really depends on the situation and there may be no penalty at all, you pay a fine or you go to jail.

What’s the “best” association in Barcelona? There are plenty of associations in Barcelona.

Do I need to be a Barcelona resident to join an association? Nope, Someone can invite you into the club and become your sponsor.

How much is the membership fee to join an association? Mostly around 25 Euro a year.

What’s the quality? WOW!

How expensive is the weed in Barcelona? Around 10 Euro a gramme

Can you become my sponsor?

Nope! Sorry.