Indy’s BLOG – Get Lost M8!

Indy’s BLOG – Get Lost M8!

15 Apr 2018 0 By IndyCa


did you really think that you will stay until the end of the month, continue to behave like living in a hotel, in the end not pay the bills and then just leave?

Did you really think that you can just leave all the mess behind you? NOPE!

I already know that I don’t have to expect anything from you, but crap and NOW I tell you now what you will do. You will leave the house BEFORE me and you will NOT return.

I will leave the flat at the 23.rd, I will change the locks that day and anything remaining in the flat will be removed at the 23.rd 12:00 by movers to clean.

You have the chance to remove your stuff the whole week until 23.rd 12:00 and I suggest you take the opportunity to avoid any further costs on my side.

To clarify. I went to the Weesp police station and they told me that I do have the right to change the locks because I am the MAIN tenant and the lease is on me.

Have a good life and I hope you never see us again.