Indy’s BLOG – First Moving Day! An Odyssey!

Indy’s BLOG – First Moving Day! An Odyssey!

11 Apr 2017 0 By IndyCa


This morning left the temporary housing because our thirty days are up and we were supposed to move to a hotel near to the airport, so we packed all our stuff called a taxi and we were on our way.

Sheraton Airport Hotel, what a complete waste of money. For one night in the hotel, we could have booked and paid via Airbnb for a whole week or even two. Anyway, they booked the room for us, so we went to the hotel and tried to check in. “TRIED!”

Do you smell shit? YESSSS, right…… THERE IS NO BOOKING.

No booking

Ok, many calls later Vil figured out that the hotel was never booked, that the hotel is booked out and that we need to wait for settle service to come back to us…… So the wait begun. Two hours later we’ve got an update, that they are still looking for a room, but there is none at the airport, all booked out.


So we went to have food. A Big Mac, fries, drink, coffee and a smoke later we got another update, that they are still on the search. Allrite,……

Another coffee, a cookie and a long walk later, we finally got the call that we need to go to the Steigenberger hotel. Fine, and there is a shuttle bus from the Airport to the hotel every thirty minutes. Jupieeeeee, we have a place, but Vil is freezing his arse off after hours in the cold and that’s no good.


Shuttle bus to the hotel and all is fine. A nice room, a real shower, and a comfortable bed. SUPER! 🙂 We slept very well and the breakfast was a treat.

Actually, our stay was planned for two days, but we got the confirmation that we can move to Haarlem today, so we packed our stuff….., BUT …. there is always a BUT!

No Checkout?

Vil had his very nice breakfast, all stuff packed, we wanted to check out, but it was not possible, because the Steigenberger Hotel “locked” somehow more then 690 Euro on Vil’s credit card and to remove that lock he needs to pay his bill of 690 Euro first? What bill? What the f***rick lock,…. BUT Vil had no additional 690 Euro on his credit card anymore. Maxed out by Steigenberger.


So he needed to sign a  paper that he allows Steigenberger to “later bill” Vil again. Let’s summarize the situation. The relocation service only booked a room for Vil, but they didn’t arrange the payment and Steigenberger DOUBLE booked the bill on Vil’s credit card. More then 900 Euro already gone, another 240 Euro to be billed and we are BROKE AGAIN! WTF!

So we were finally allowed to leave, take a taxi, drive to Haarlem, payed the last 65 Euro fare and moved into our new place.

1.000 Euro later and “Broke AGAIN?!”

Sure, Vil will get all the expenses back, but until then we are forced to safe money. LoL! Actually not a bad thing, because we have enough money for food for the next days, BUT…… there’s always a BUT,…. Vil has no idea how to pay the train to work.

He, he, he….