Indy’s BLOG – Call from the social worker of our actual “landlady”.

Indy’s BLOG – Call from the social worker of our actual “landlady”.

11 May 2018 0 By IndyCa


You need to know that the rooms are rented out illegally because this is a subsidized flat and the landlady is nuts and on welfare. We were told by neighbours that she rents out for years now and no one complains…… and the most shocking fact: “The social worker is aware of that and she does nothing to stop this exploitation of the welfare system, actually quite the opposite, she supports this behaviour by not reporting her, but read more.

A phone call on Vil’s mobile.

SW: “Hello, here is the social worker of your landlady, we met before and you know who I am?”

Vil: “Hello, yes I do remember you. What’s up?”

SW: “My client is very sick, stressed out, she doesn’t eat and you need to leave the house NOW!”

Vil: “That was not agreed. I already accepted that she is not OK with us on whatever reason, but she gave us until the end of the month and we voluntarily agreed that we move somehow next week.”

SW: “If you pay now, then you can stay until tomorrow and you lave tomorrow. ”

Vil: “Isn’t it funny. You client is very sick and when it’s a bit money,  she feels better

SW: “But you need to leave today, she is very sick…..”

Vil: “She is sick about the situation, I totally understand, but I can’t leave now, there is no place we can go to and we won’t sleep on the streets. So your client needs to live with the consequences of her actions. I am ok to leave next days, as agreed, but NOT immediately. Maybe I can arrange something for tomorrow, but not today.”

SW: “But that is so much stress on her.”

Vil: “I understand and the last days we made ourselves nearly invisible, we just sleep there, we did everything we can to make it as easy as possible, but we won’t accept to go on the street, because your client doesn’t know what she does.”

SW: “You need to leave today or…..(OR?)”

Vil: “Naaa, stop! Excuse me, please? Well, I think it’s not a good idea to work with threats right now, because if you insist on threatening me I will report you and your client to your superiors. The room is rented out illegally, this is a subsidized flat and you are aware of that, that’s a fact and this goes on for years now. So if you continue to insist that I leave today or continue to threaten me, ….. You have way more to lose than us. I will arrange a van tomorrow and put all my stuff away, but I will sleep there today. There is no discussion.”

SW: “You can go to the Salvation Army.”

Vil: “No dogs allowed.”

SW: “You can go to a hotel?”

Vil: “Most likely no dogs allowed and who pays the room? Us? No way! I will sleep there tonight and tomorrow I will arrange the van. I already paid a van once and your client can be happy that I am not asking some money back.”

SW: “….., but you need to leave. My client is sick and stressed.”

Vil: “Again, I totally understand, but what about us? I am diabetic myself. I do have severe never damage and my stomach is not very good right now. Believe me, all this is no good for me as well. Also to stay out all day is not very nice as well. How do you think it feels when you have no place to go and the people are playing with you?”

SW: “….. but I need to do my job and care about my client.”

Vil: “I get it, BUT what about us? We don’t go on the street, because your client doesn’t know what she is doing. Naaaaaa, no way, you should have done your job in the first place and we wouldn’t have this situation right now. You knew what’s going on., you met us before and that time all was “hunky dory” and now you change your mind without any awareness of consequences? No way! We will come back late tonight and sleep at the place. Tomorrow I will organize a van and move all to a storage place and that’s it!”

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