Indy’s BLOG – A nice trip and finally we arrived

12 Mar 2017 0 By IndyCa

This morning at 06:30 we woke up, arranged ourselves, cleared our stuff and went to the train to go to the airport. No coffee with Teresa and no walk with Jack. Sooooo, sad! All our life fits in three boxes and we are on the move.

First good thing for today: Vil just needed one journey on his T-10 ticket to go from Badalona to Barcelona Airport. The whole journey was only ONE journey in my T-10 ticket, priced 99,5 Cent. ūüôā

We arrived at the airport and there was a huge queue at the KLM check in counter. Vil wondered where to drop me and went directly to the lady from priority boarding, asking for help where to drop me and she told Vil, that she would be happy to check us in. Second good thing for today: “Now we are priority. Thank you nice lady from KLM!” We don’t need to need to wait in the queue.

Brilliant. We saved around one hour standing and plenty of stress for me and the luck for our journey didn’t finished yet!

There’s more to come…..¬†

The nice lady did all the paperwork and after thirty minutes it was time to say “Goodbye to Vil!”, but not before he drugged me with the herbal medicine he bought at the Vet, more about that later.

And there is another good thing for today:

Vil got priority boarding in the plane as well.

Plenty of legroom for him! Sweet!

I needed to travel in my box. It was a bit scary, cold and loud, but all no problem, because Vil got some herbs from the vet for me.

“The medicine worked quite well and I traveled 15 kilometers high to Amsterdam!” – Indy

We took a taxi and finally arrived in our new home in Amsterdam.

There I made already some friends in the shop under our flat and (good thing number three) Vil got a free coffee from Nike, the nice lady at the counter.

We feel really welcome.

Thank you.

Good thing number four: “THE FLAT IS AWESOME!”¬†