Have you ever thought about life, the future and everything else?

Have you ever thought about life, the future and everything else?

23 Jun 2018 0 By IndyCa

When you are young, your life is most likely a very long party, you have fun and don’t really think about your future, or sickness and even death. You work in a call centre, you earn good money and you really have fun working all over the world. Everything is cool for you and there is nothing to worry about. Really? Unfortunately, there are more things to worry about you might not realize today.

For today let me ask you: “What will happen when you get sick tomorrow and you can’t work anymore?”

Maybe you worked all over Europe and you paid social security and taxes. A few years in Ireland, a few years in France, a few years in several other countries and you paid all over, but what will happen when you need social support?

NOTHING! You have paid everywhere, but to consolidate your achievements is nearly impossible. It will last months or even years and until all is sorted you will have to stay on welfare and wait.

Vil worked for more than thirty years all over Europe and the result is that he has achievements spread all over Europe, altogether would be enough achievements to be save in the future but there is not enough achievement in one country to receive any support.

There are thousands of “phone drones’ like you and Vil which are living in the moment and having very good life, but when you ask yourself about sickness or retirement, what would you answer? Most likely you never thought about this and you have no idea.

Unfortunately, there is no European register of social achievements for “phone drones” like you and Vil. There is no support to consolidate your achievements, more the opposite. Every country makes his own rules and the regulations and the procedures are made intentionally so complicated that it’s nearly impossible to get any help.

It’s a shame, Vil is (was) one of the workers who followed the work. He helped to rebuild the former DDR after the German reunification, he was in Ireland and supported products for companies like Novell, eBay and PayPal, he was in France and had a family, he was in the Netherlands, worked on the phone and much more.

The sad side about this is, that if he would have worked only in Germany he could retire with a nice pension, but now there is nothing.

How do you feel about that? Maybe we can do something together and build an “E.P.D.U – European Phone Drone Union”?

Please let us know what you think.


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