Indy’s BLOG – Fired, but healthy!

Indy’s BLOG – Fired, but healthy!

5 Jan 2017 0 By IndyCa

There is one good and one bad message for today.

Vil just got noticed that he will NOT pass his probation time!

.. and

More important,
finally we know what’s wrong with Vil’s health.


Vil just got noticed that he will not pass his probation time, because he didn’t follow the procedures correctly, so “the base of trust is destroyed”. WTF?!

Vil was sick, actually pretty sick, the last weeks and yes, he needed to stay in the hospital for a few days, but now the reason for his sickness is found and all could be good, but… there’s always a but, ..… his company decided not to work with him anymore, because he didn’t pick up his personal phone for a few days while being sick.

Actually his team lead decided not to work with Vil anymore because he thinks that….. bla, bla, bla…. WTF!?

Don’t talk bad about people, but don’t accept everything!

You shouldn’t talk about ex-employers bad, but that team lead is not a good one. One time Vil overslept and came late a few minutes and the following face to face contained five times the threat “it’s no problem to fire you right now”, “HR told me to do so” and “you are here, because I protected you!”. Excuse me please?!

At this time there was nothing to do for Vil, because he had no passwords or accounts and that for more then two weeks, because “Mr. Team Lead” ‘forgot’ them.


And then the “accusation” Vil felt asleep while training.

What could Vil tell you to prove that’s not true? No one else saw Vil sleeping, no colleague, not the trainer, but Mr. Team Lead still insists and continues to bother Vil …….

Maybe “Madame Quality Whatever” should have put her glasses on her nose when sitting, typing loudly while we others try to listen to the trainer.

Whatever, people skills “sub-optimal”.

And what about you “Mr. Team Lead”?  Other than you, we have f***ing have prove that YOU slept while being at work.


OK, I have to admit that there might be was the issue that Vil was a bit way too senior for the team lead. No surprise, because Vil can’t hide his face when someone talks bullshit to him.

Drunk at work?

We can’t disclose any confidential information, but we can say that the team is falling apart. Many left already, others are looking for a new job and the ‘team’ is now an empty shell in utter chaos.

That is very sad, because the in the beginning there was spirit an potential within the team. Actually I feel pity for this “manager”, Vil will find a new job soon, but this guy will always be a very unpleasant person.

Funny Part I:

You can ask all managers and colleagues about Vil and they will tell you that Vil’s attitude and work quality is somehow second to none. OK, maybe a bit exaggerated, but I am no native English speaker! If you want to suppose a different wording, I’m happy to listen. 🙂

Funny Part II:

There is actually no one who can do the job in the moment and the foreseeable future. Vil saw his job advertised on LinkedIN yesterday, means that the market is not covered for minimum another two or three months. Well done, the client will be happy.

Funny Part III:

Vil would love to continue to work for the client, because he really understood and liked the product.

Funny Part IV:

“Mr, Team Lead” forced Vil to use a colleagues login and passwords and when stated that this is against company rules the only reply was: “Then just go to HR, but be aware that I will……!” and that was a threat.

Funny Part V:

“Mr. Team Lead” forced Vil to lie to the customer about the status of the project.

More important!

Anyway, more important, now we know what’s wrong with Vil’s health. Now we know how to treat the nausea, the vomiting and all other discomfort Vil was troubled with every morning for nearly the last twenty years. This was surely one of the reasons Vil was not up-to-speed some important times and we hope this is over now.

Now we can really start, because now we are back on track, healthy, looking forward and this is way more important then to be angry about any “procedure sticking” managers.

Bottom line: Vil lost his job, but way more important he found his health.

Never again ….

[UPDATE I – 17/01/2017] — Vill is still healthy, way better then before, his overall condition improved and now he isn’t so tired anymore. No more nausea or vomiting. The power is back. 🙂

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