Fate is NOT on our side! – Moving time (AGAIN)!

Fate is NOT on our side! – Moving time (AGAIN)!

17 Jun 2018 0 By IndyCa

Sometimes I ask myself: “WHY? Why is life so unfair, so cruel? This morning we woke up and there was bad news for us (AGAIN!). We stayed a few days with a friend and we planned to stay a bit longer, but unfortunately, she reacts allergically to me, her breathing is impacted and we need to leave as fast as possible. We are so sorry about this because we really liked to stay, it was a wonderful distraction and we had the chance to get some rest.

I know that we agreed to write more positive stuff, but it’s hard to find something positive today. We had a few days to recover and we are very grateful for this, but fate hit again. It’s not fair to our friend, not fair to Vil, not fair to everyone. We have no idea what to do, no idea where to sleep tomorrow, no fucking idea how to continue.

….. Thinking!

After the first “shock” we checked online for a camping place and there is one near to us. They accept me, have internet, a shower and everything we need to survive. We will go there tomorrow for three days.

On Monday we will repair the Dog-Trailer which was donated to us and check our luggage. On Wednesday Vil will have his last conversation with his employer how to terminate the working contract.

On Thursday we might be already on the road for our 2.972 km long walk.

See here for our latest status updates.

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