E.P.D.U. – European Phone Drone Union – A 2.792km Long Walk.

E.P.D.U. – European Phone Drone Union – A 2.792km Long Walk.

20 Jul 2018 0 By IndyCa

Do we have a message / cause? YES, we think so!

Let me ask you: “Have you ever thought about your life, the future and everything else?” Sounds like a Douglas Adams novel, but seriously, ask yourself: “What happens when you become ‘unfit for work’ right now, unexpected and in the worst possible moment in your life or career?”

When you are young, your life is most likely a very long party, you have fun and don’t really think about your future, retirement, sickness and even death. You work on the phone, maybe in one of these call centres in Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Prague …. wherever. You earn good money and you really have fun working all over the world. Everything is cool for you and there is nothing to worry about. Really? Unfortunately, there are more things to worry about you might not realize today.

Just ask yourself a few questions

– What would happen if you get sick today and you can’t work anymore?
– Do you have a plan what you gonna do?
– Can you go to your home country? Where is your home country? Does your home country still exist?
– Maybe you worked in several countries for different companies, how are you gonna prove all your achievements?
– How can would you consolidate all your achievements which are spread all over Europe?
– How you gonna survive until all paperwork is done and finally fixed?
– Do you know your achievements?
– …

tl;dr – Let me ask you:
“What will happen when you get sick tomorrow and you can’t work anymore?”

Something everywhere and not enough somewhere,
Maybe you worked all over Europe and you paid social security and taxes. For example a few years in Ireland, a few years in France, a few years in several other countries and you paid everywhere, but what will happen when you need social support? NOTHING! You have paid everywhere, but to consolidate your achievements is nearly impossible. It will last months or even years and until all is sorted you will have to stay on less than welfare and wait.

There are thousands of “phone drones’ like you which have no real ‘social security’. and you need to avoid this topic because you can barely afford life at the moment. You can’t really ask yourself about sickness or retirement and what would you answer?

Ok, some you might have a plan, but most likely you never thought about and you have no idea.

Unfortunately, there is no European register of social achievements for “phone drones” like you and there is no support to consolidate your achievements. More the opposite. Every country makes his own rules and the procedures are made intentionally complicated so that it’s nearly impossible to get any help.

How do you feel about that? Doesn’t sound right, RIGHT? Maybe we can do something together and build an “E.P.D.U. – European Phone Drone Union”?

E.P.D.U. – European Phone Drone Union

Every business except us “Phone Drones” has a lobby.

We are thinking about protesting against for …

… affordable living space in densely populated areas.
Nowadays companies are normally located in city centres and there is no difference between, Dublin, Barcelona, Amsterdam or wherever…..Shiny newly built offices with air condition, but some of us don’t have even a proper bed, not to dream of a kitchen, a working, clean fridge or even a legal registration.

… better support for ‘travelling phone drones’.
The last twenty-five years Vil worked in several jobs all over Europe, he collected social security numbers like candy and he paid loads of taxes and social security. Now he needs to ‘summarise’ all his achievements to get ONE payment and that’s a real task.

First question: Which Country to collect all? Second question: How to prove everything? Third question: How to survive and have food until then? It’s a real pain in the **** to do all this paperwork and it lasts for weeks even months. More about that -> HERE!

… better legal protection.
When we relocated to Amsterdam, Vil was so screwed by Oracle. They let him die and he had no chance to fight.

… more dog-friendly apartments.
Vil had a very good job, he enjoyed to go to work but he was never able to find a permanent place for us. It’s a big challenge to find affordable, legal housing in Amsterdam and with a dog, it’s even harder, let’s say impossible

… and more (to come).
There is more shit in this world worth thinking about!

Which services could the E.P.D.U. offer?

– A central register of social security achievements.
– Legal advice.
– Support for common legal questions (Contracts, Paperwork, Registration, Licenses, …)
– Emergency support (Health, Accommodation, Pet-Nanny, …)
– …

A Long Walk

We can’t go home, because we have nowhere to go and Vil never asked himself all these questions in the past and now he is ‘not fit for work’ and lost is last job (again). Bottom line we are so fucked, have no place to go and when Vil is a bit better, we will walk to Santiago de Compostela. Yes, we still think about walking, because there is nothing else we can do. We don’t want to spend our life begging on the streets of Amsterdam and Plan-B became Plan-A.

In the beginning, it was just a crazy idea, but now we really think that this will work and maybe it could be the most meaningful thing we’ve ever done. -> While walking creating the E.P.D.U.!

Please let us know what you think about our idea to create an E.P.D.U.?
Thank you for your time.
Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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