Did you ever wondered how people get rich?

Did you ever wondered how people get rich?

4 Jul 2018 0 By IndyCa

A few days ago Vil’s former landlady asked him for help, she needed some screenshots to prove that the deposit was paid to the agency and Vil didn’t hesitated to provide the requested documents. He ssked for a feedback but she didn’t even had the decency to reply with a thank you.

That’s the way rich people deal with problems. At first, they ignore everything and when it’s convenient for them they fu** you, also they ignore the law and the business attitude is questionable.

Maybe you say that Vil shouldn’t have send the documents. Well, we think that others behaving like *** is no reason for us to forget our good education.

And the funniest part. She wouldn’t needed to contact Vil for the documents, he already send them a few times, she was just too lazy to look in her inbox.

She maybe lost a few hundred Euros, but we lost everything. No home, no money……

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