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28 Apr 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – The law!

By IndyCa

It’s funny to see that people or companies ignore the law when it’s convenient for them and when the law is in their favour they mutate into lawyers.

25 Apr 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – Moving Day! (AGAIN)

By IndyCa

Vil just went to Bo-Rent to hire a little van for moving to Apeldoorn. The van was just 58.- Euro for 24 hours inclusive everything and way less than the 80 Euro last time Alfred exploited from us, but thanks god we don’t have to see this guy again anytime soon.

15 Apr 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – Get Lost M8!

By IndyCa

Well, did you really think that you will stay until the end of the month, continue to behave like living in a hotel, in the end not pay the bills and then just leave?