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It’s very hard to find any place for us in Amsterdam, so we decided to take a little risk and ‘disguised’ me as a guest dog, which damage can I do and looked in the surrounding area.

Anyhow, we found a really nice place in Weesp and we planned to stay there for about two years, but the whole experience turned into a nightmare. Not because of me, we had a very special and extremely unpleasant experience with this so-called rental agency.

tl:dr – They ripped us off, they blackmailed us, they approached Vil’s employer, they never fulfilled their job and in the end, we needed to give up because there was no way we could have stayed there any longer. Meanwhile, many people got pissed off, a friendship broke and we ended up with no real home.

All of this really happened and if you like to read the whole story from the beginning and in chronological order, please click HERE!
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4 Jul 2018 0

Did you ever wondered how people get rich?

By IndyCa

A few days ago Vil’s former landlady asked him for help, she needed some screenshots to prove that the deposit was paid to the agency and Vil didn’t hesitated to provide the requested documents and asked for a feedback but she didn’t even had the decency to reply with a thank you.

30 Jun 2018 0

Landlady needs help!

By IndyCa

Yesterday Vil received an email from his former landlady asking for help to sue the agency. That’s a bit funny because the last time Vil had contact with her she threatened him to “use the full power of the law against him”. Anyhow, Vil is not a person who rejects requests for help, so he sent her the documents without any hesitation.

30 Apr 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – Looking for a place to stay ASAP!

By IndyCa

** PLEASE SHARE! ** You surely know it’s nearly impossible to find affordable living space in the Amsterdam Area and if you are (with) a dog it’s even harder.  We are urgently looking for a new place to stay somewhere in the Amsterdam commuting area. We are virtually ok with everything.

28 Apr 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – The law!

By IndyCa

It’s funny to see that people or companies ignore the law when it’s convenient for them and when the law is in their favour they mutate into lawyers.

25 Apr 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – Moving Day! (AGAIN)

By IndyCa

Vil just went to Bo-Rent to hire a little van for moving to Apeldoorn. The van was just 58.- Euro for 24 hours inclusive everything and way less than the 80 Euro last time Alfred exploited from us, but thanks god we don’t have to see this guy again anytime soon.

15 Apr 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – Get Lost M8!

By IndyCa

Well, did you really think that you will stay until the end of the month, continue to behave like living in a hotel, in the end not pay the bills and then just leave?