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Nowadays affordable living space is a very rare commodity and with a dog it’seven harder to find a place, it’s nearly impossible. During our adventures, we met our fair share of greedy and questionable landlords, we paid more rent than we could afford, we got ripped off by agencies and friends. One landlord was admitted to a hospital after he had a nervous breakdown, another was a welfare fraud and much more.
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6 Feb 2020 0

Ein Vertrag ist ein Vertrag! (Teil I)

By IndyCa

Wenn ich zu einem Dienstleister gehe und einen Service anfrage, dann gehe ich davon aus, dass er der Spezialist ist und mir wenigstens so ungefähr sagen kann was die angefragte Dienstleistung kosten wird, denn genau aus diesem Grund gehe ich zu einem Dienstleister und zahle dafür mit meinem hart erarbeitetem und knappem Geld.

Wenn die angefragte Dienstleistung etwas teurer wird, dann ist es noch verständlich, alles ist teuer, aber wenn ich am Ende die Arbeitsmittel selbst besorgen muss, selbst mithelfen muss und am Ende das doppelte auf der Rechnung steht, dann frage ich mich schon was hier los ist?

10 Aug 2018 0

A time travel….

By IndyCa

Narrator: A few weeks ago Vil and Indy found a cheap place to stay in Germany and the moved to…

1 Aug 2018 0

Plan-C -Back to Germany? (German) – Tl;dr – Suche Irgendwas, irgendwo in Deutschland.

By IndyCa

Today we decided to go back to Germany for a while, recover and gain strength. There is no Plan-B: Walking 2.972KM to Spain anymore, we need to postpone this. Now its time for Plan-C: “Go back to Germany and have the lowest welfare Germany has to offer or even nothing. We searched Facebook for groups like “alternative living/housing” and “work for stay”. There we might find something there. We don’t need much, a legal, warm place with internet would be enough. We hope that we can find something and stay there for the upcoming winter.

4 Jul 2018 0

Did you ever wondered how people get rich?

By IndyCa

A few days ago Vil’s former landlady asked him for help, she needed some screenshots to prove that the deposit was paid to the agency and Vil didn’t hesitated to provide the requested documents and asked for a feedback but she didn’t even had the decency to reply with a thank you.

30 Jun 2018 0

Landlady needs help!

By IndyCa

Yesterday Vil received an email from his former landlady asking for help to sue the agency. That’s a bit funny because the last time Vil had contact with her she threatened him to “use the full power of the law against him”. Anyhow, Vil is not a person who rejects requests for help, so he sent her the documents without any hesitation.

18 May 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – A safe place for a few days.

By IndyCa

Yesterday we moved our stuff to a temporary place where we can stay around three weeks to plan our departure from Amsterdam. Yes, you read right. We tried around one year to stabilise our life, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen and now we decided that we will leave Amsterdam for good. Where we go? No idea, yet!

14 May 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – Fun with Piper!

By IndyCa

The last two days we stayed at a friend’s place and I am very happy to see my very good friend Piper again. We had a wonderful time, we even went with the tram to a friend’s place and it was very exciting to look out of the window. Piper is a very very very good friend and I like him very much. When I see him we are always happy and we do have a wonderful time.