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There was no job for us in Germany, so we needed to find our luck somewhere else.
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6 Jan 2020 0

A new job!

By IndyCa

Today Vil started his new job. It’s a working from home job. Virtual E-Commerce Pre-Sales Engineer for a “One-Stop” –…

8 Dec 2019 0

Ticket to Stuttgart

By IndyCa

A long day ahead tomorrow. Around 05:00 with the train to Stuttgart. 14:00 Meeting, 17:00 back home, 04:55 to arrive…

4 Aug 2018 0

Goodbye team H.!

By IndyCa

Friday was my last day as an employee of and before I get kicked out of this group I will let you know that it was a pleasure to work with each and every one of you and I was proud to be a part of team H.. I have the highest respect for your professionalism, attitude and smiling approach to work and life.

23 Jun 2018 0

Have you ever thought about life, the future and everything else?

By IndyCa

When you are young, your life is most likely a very long party, you have fun and don’t really think about your future, or sickness and even death. You work in a call centre, you earn good money and you really have fun working all over the world. Everything is cool for you and there is nothing to worry about. Really? Unfortunately, there are more things to worry about you might not realize today.

5 May 2018 0

Indy’s BLOG – Thinking about tomorrow!

By IndyCa

Monday, all our dreams will come to a shattering halt, we need to leave the place we stay right now and there is no place we can go. What will be? We have no idea and we might need to go back on the road, but we are not afraid about that, because we can stay together and that’s most important for us.