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28 Jun 2018 0

We are ready!

By IndyCa

Vil bought a few things at the ACTION store in town. He had an idea about how to expand our living space with little effort. He bought a camouflage plastic plane and fixed it with flexible straps. He used the doggie trailer and the tent as a support structure and now we can chill and relax in the shadow.

17 Jun 2018 0

Fate is NOT on our side! – Moving time (AGAIN)!

By IndyCa

Sometimes I ask myself: “WHY? Why is life so unfair, so cruel? This morning we woke up and there was bad news for us (AGAIN!). We stayed a few days with a friend and we planned to stay a bit longer, but unfortunately, she reacts allergically to me, her breathing is impacted and we need to leave as fast as possible. We are so sorry about this because we really liked to stay, it was a wonderful distraction and we had the chance to get some rest.