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22 Feb 2016 0

Part ONE! – Vil, Victor and Indy on the road. A real story!

By IndyCa

This is Part ONE of my BLOG and I tell the real stories of “Victor, Indy & Vil on the road!”. Vil is my personal “Tin Opener Vil”. The stories are about finding a job abroad, working abroad, living abroad, paperwork abroad, troubles abroad. We write about all that stuff we experienced the last two years and how we finally ended up three countries and how we ended up six or seven jobs later in Amsterdam and more ….

A teaser is very important, so we will disclose a few things to happen on this BLOG. “Vil will be arrested … twice, strip-searched … once! Indy will nearly be kidnapped, we will be homeless for a few months and sleep at the beach. We will live in El Raval and Badalona. Vil will work several jobs. A gun will be pointed at Vil, luckily he will not shot, but unfortunate stabbed. We make really good friends, together we squat a house. Vil ends up in the ICU one day with dehydration, more dead than alive, … and much more.” And all this really happened. This is the final rewrite of the real-time BLOG we wrote on WordPress.COM. On the original blog there are 400+ posts, mostly painstakingly swiped or typed on an iPhone 4, which was a very valuable companion on our journey.

We are still rewriting and adding new content!