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Vil suffers(ed) from a ‘somehow’ diagnosed condition (click here for more about that topic) which causes him to feel not very well on a regular base.

[July 2019 Update:]

The “Whipple-Procedure ” needed to be performed. A six-hour procedure, they removed a few organs and rewired Vil’s digestive system with six-month recovery time.


29 Jun 2019 0

Long time no post!

By IndyCa

Hi there, I haven’t published anything for the last weeks, because I was quite sick and had a major surgery…

19 Jun 2016 0

Indy’s BLOG – ICU Villadecans

By IndyCa

Tonight Vil woke up, dripping wet of sweat, an enormous headache feeling sick and in pain. He directly knew that he can’t wait any longer and need to seek medical attention immediately.