Category: 2.972 km on the road

It might sound crazy and we slightly agree, but until we have no other or ‘better’ idea we will walk from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Badalona via Santiago de Compostela. 2.972km on the road, maybe enough time to think and search for a new life. Surely, during this time Vil will apply for any job imaginable and maybe we have a job when we arrive in Spain or wherever after a detour.


20 Jul 2018 0

E.P.D.U. – European Phone Drone Union – A 2.792km Long Walk.

By IndyCa

Unfortunately, there is no European register of social achievements for “phone drones” like you and there is no support to consolidate your achievements. More the opposite. Every country makes his own rules and the procedures are made intentionally complicated so that it’s nearly impossible to get any help.

How do you feel about that? Doesn’t sound right, RIGHT? Maybe we can do something together and build an “E.P.D.U. – European Phone Drone Union”?

28 Jun 2018 0

We are ready!

By IndyCa

Vil bought a few things at the ACTION store in town. He had an idea about how to expand our living space with little effort. He bought a camouflage plastic plane and fixed it with flexible straps. He used the doggie trailer and the tent as a support structure and now we can chill and relax in the shadow.

16 Jun 2018 0

We’ve got a Dog Trailer

By IndyCa

We’ve got a Dog Trailer for ten bars of Milka Milk Chocolate. 🙂 Seriously! It’s similar to the picture above, but it stood outside for two years and now it’s quite. The trailer looks really nasty, makes funny noises, is completely rusty and covered in dust, but it’s a good trailer and all of that is no a problem because the trailer itself is working fine and a little bit of love and care will restore him to his former glory. WD-40, duct tape and a metal brush will do the trick. We also got a working lock.


5 Jun 2018 0

URGENT: We will be homeless in less than 24 hours!

By IndyCa

Today is our last day at Lei’s place, she comes back from her holidays and we need to leave the place. It was very nice of her to offer us her place for a few days and we really enjoyed it, but unfortunately every good thing comes to an end. 🙁 If you can offer us any place to stay, please contact us: +31 / 06 – 401 93 884 mobile & whatsapp.