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I am a Labrador & Collie mix, I was born 02-10-2012 in France as Hindia. I was three months old when Vil, my “Tin-Opener”, rescued me from the animal shelter, he renamed me to Indy and now he is my best buddy in the world.

I am a totally relaxed dog, but like I don’t play with balls or fetch the stick. I prefer to run at the beach or cuddle on the sofa. Vil is my best friend, my companion and I really like him.

Vil works in IT on the phone for more than four decades now. He started to work with LAN Networks before there was an internet, mobile phones or even digital watches. He designed, build, installed, sold, administered, troubleshooted thousands of devices, servers and networks. He worked for many big companies like DELL, eBay, CISCO, Oracle,….. just to name a few and the last years he mostly worked as a online freelancer.

The first four years I lived with Vil in a nice house in Bidache in the beautiful Basque Country, we had a garden, cats and a family, but in 2016 our life changed. We needed to find a new place, a new life and this BLOG is our story.

A teaser is very important, so we will disclose a few things to happen on this BLOG. “Vil will be arrested … twice, strip-searched … once! Indy will nearly be kidnapped, we will be homeless for a few months and sleep at the beach. We will live in El Raval and Badalona. Vil will work several jobs. A gun will be pointed at Vil, luckily he will not shot, but unfortunate stabbed. We make really good friends, together we squat a house. Vil ends up in the ICU one day with dehydration, more dead than alive, … and much more.”

This is the final rewrite of the real-time BLOG we wrote on WordPress.COM. On the original blog there are 400+ posts, mostly painstakingly swiped or typed on an iPhone 4, which was a very valuable companion on our journey.

Part ONE : 2015 – July 2018
[We are still rewriting and adding new content!]

The Domain WWW.Indy-ca.COM is the rewritten content of our original blog -> The VW Polo Camper.

Our Status
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